Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Peter Moore, Writer

The first time I read one of Peter Moore's books, he was writing about a trip from London to Sydney.
The twist?
He wanted to get home without catching a plane ...

The book titled The Wrong Way Home held me, often making me laugh, from beginning to end.

He's quietly hilarious. An extract from that 1994 trip: There have been three times in my life when I have done something really foolish and then spent a long time regretting it. The first was in fourth class, when I pushed Linda Pickering over because she told me she loved me. The second was when I bought Sandinista by the Clash without realising they'd gone reggae. The third time was when I arrived back in Split from Dubrovnik and immediately jumped on a bus to Mostar.

Convinced about enjoying his stories, and still financially viable back in the early days after moving to Belgium, I went out and bought another of his books titled Vroom with a View .

This time he was travelling from Milan to Rome on a Vesper. It's delicious and has a little of his developing romance with his wife. He stops at the gate of Frances Mayes place ... famous for her 'Under the Tuscan Sun' book. He's irreverent but very amusing.

Today one of Peter's newsletters arrived in my inbox and he has all kinds of things happening on his website .

As a result, I've just bought my very first e-book. He's selling the e-book version of his book Same Same But Different for 0.49cents (usd).

He's also selling signed copies of Vroom with a View , each with a personal message, for 10pounds including postage to anywhere in the world.

There's more but check out his website for yourself.


Liza said...

This author sounds good, and I'll definitely check him out. Seeing as you like this style, if you haven't already read them, check out Bill Bryson and Pete McCarthy. Their travel books cause strangers to stare at me on the train because I suddenly start shaking with laughter over every page.

woman wandering said...

He's really good :)

Thanks for the recommends but I snorted with laughter when I read of 'shaking with laughter over every page'.

My mind cast back to my recent unclicked ticket ride on the Brussels metro ... shaking with laughter would have finished me off.

But seriously, thanks ... I had heard of them but haven't read either yet. Have you read William Dalrymple - Xanadu is superb, and then I've just discovered Anik See and adore her too.