Wednesday, November 08, 2006

India Arie - Video

Gert came home and searched for this song

He had heard it in the car on the way home and was almost sure I would love it.

He showed me the lyrics and of course my interest was piqued.
I went searching and found India, who sounds to me like a female version of Jack Johnson ... and I do like Jack.


Manic said...

Are you trying to fit my musical style?

woman wandering said...

You like?

I loved it, she sounds like a female Jack Johnson to me :)

Liked the lyrics then hunted down the song.

Manic said...

I liked the original version better, but the acoustic version sounds nice too. This song is like way old though, I'm thinking ninties here. But it's a good song, can last forever.

V-Grrrl said...

This is Jack Johnson meets Tracy Chapman.

Love it. Love her. Long live the Queen! : )

woman wandering said...

Glad you like her too ... and the lyrics are delightful.

Matthew said...

Woo I was listening to Jack when I read this post! I should make you a mix CD -- you must be due for one and I can feel another one coming on.

woman wandering said...

A mix cd sounds like a very good idea Matthew :)

Listening to Jack as you read it ... spooky stuff. I saw him in concert before leaving NZ, the night the camshaft finally dropped off my beloved stationwagon.