Saturday, November 25, 2006

Final Score

New Zealand 45 - Wales 10

I hope never to have to listen to a BBC commentary again ... the French was so much better. I don't understand French.

Running out to an Alderman's birthday party.

Tot ziens.


paris parfait said...

Hooray for the All-Blacks! Unbelievable that they didn't have the Haka! And France beat Argentina - barely. The French dominated the first half, but got a bit sloppy in the second, which is when Argentina started catching up. Of course one of the Argentinian players, Corletto, plays for Stade Francais. Hope you had fun at the party! xo

awomynda said...

You can see how big a rugby fan I am having forgotten it was even on. Belated cheer anyway. xx

woman wandering said...

I'm happy to read that the French beat Argentina ... they needed to recover their dignity :)

The party was marvellous. An old pub, full of Belgians, drinking beer (although I drank white wine) and singing 'Walk on' and introducing me to the football songs here.

A really nice night.

Oh Amanda, what shall we do with you. I seem to be channelling my father, so there's no forgetting for me :) xo