Thursday, November 30, 2006

Peter has an interesting post titled Is Microsoft Vista “Policeware"?

He begins: Although Microsoft will do its utmost to make you believe otherwise, its new VISTA operating system is actually disempowering the user. You no longer decide what can be done with your “Personal Computer”, VISTA (ie Microsoft) decides. Not convinced? Let me give you a couple of url’s to relevant articles.


Peter said...

Thanks for linking Di. Whenever I post something about Vista my visitor counter goes way passed 200 uniques - somehow MSFT keeps on intriguing people. BTW: the new Windows "Vista Ultimate" full edition will cost a whopping 500 EURO,
almost the price of a budget desktop PC, without the operating system...

woman wandering said...

A pleasure Peter :)

It was interesting and I wanted to post it on.

500 euro ... I would rather put it towards a new laptop.