Friday, November 24, 2006

Wear Sunscreen ...

Dank u wel Peter .
Last time I listened to this I was younger ... it's true about knees.


Manic said...

I loved this song back in the '90s. Ohh how do I miss those days when I had nothing else to do but sit in front of my TV screen doing nothing else but dream about how kool the future would be. Well, that future didn't turn out to be as kool as I had thought. But I'll remember to wear sunscreen :D. Not that there's a need to here in grey little Belgium, though.

woman wandering said...

Ik ook Manic! I loved it too. You are on your way to an amazing life ... I'm sure of it, so put up with the piece in-between, get educated and then let's see where you end up.

Wear your sunscreen, be patient and in a few years you will be telling me ... 'Di, you were right, I love the life I am living now!!'

Talk to you soon!