Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do all immigrants have to become soccer stars?

I found news of this advertising campaign over on Erkan's blog and as it's something that Gert and I often 'discuss' ... I thought I would pass it on here.

Surprising campaign from the Belgium Minderheden Forum (Minority Forum), an association of more than 700 Belgian organizations with a common goal: defend the minorities’ interests in today’s society.
Goal of the campaign is to make people think about the consequences of the growing inequality between people of foreign origin and the rest of the Belgian population.

It's hard to become accepted as a minority, unless you're a soccer player
Do all immigrants have to be become soccer stars just to be accepted?

Agency Duval Guillaume Brussels
Thanks to Matthias from Duval Guillaume Brussels and Maarten from the Minderheden Forum for sending.


Anonymous said...

Here's the tv version of the poster:

Manic said...

Well it would be good thing, Belgium would finally win something for a change. So I support the idea that all immigrants should be forced to become soccer stars.

woman wandering said...

Thanks anon :)

Hey manic ... you made me roar with laughter. Personally though, I can't imagine what I might add to a Belgian soccer team.

Perhaps I could run their blog, taking advice from you on the various team languages?