Friday, November 24, 2006

What I must give up ... as soon as I come down

I know I shouldn't eat M&Ms ...

There are a million reasons, or the side-effects are so bad that they feel like the million reasons not to eat them.

But what's with selling them in bags big enough to allow people to feel like death as the resulting sugar and colouring high kicks in????

It's like constantly improving cars so that they do 160km per hour effortlessly then slapping the 100km per hour New Zealand speed limit on them.

So okay, we shouldn't do it ... but we can!!!

I'm sitting here, remembering to breathe and waiting for my head to stop spinning, wondering if my 3 monthly binges have cumalative side-effects.

So yes, I slip and M&M binge about every 3 months, I'm improving ... but 3 months is only long enough to make me forget how very bad I feel aftewards ... long enough to make me imagine I might have matured enough to 'STOP PUTTING THE M&Ms IN MY OWN MOUTH'.

I was wrong ... again, and these effects are only the consequence of a portion of a 250g bag.

I think this is it ... the last time, from now on the only substance I'm going to abuse is red wine.

It's so very much nicer than shiny dangerous mouthfuls of brightly-coloured candy-coated chocolate.


Sal DeTraglia said...

No great loss, Di. There's not a shred of coconut to be found in an M&M.


woman wandering said...

Well Sal ... I'm not a coconut lover ;)

Manic said...

Ohh M&M's. Maybe you should pour half of the bag in a bowl and just put that in front of you, maybe that will slow you down and you won't have a M&m rush.

paris parfait said...

Hear, hear! But I have to admit once in a while, I still like a (small) bag of Peanut M&Ms. :) Wine is definitely better for one's heart.

woman wandering said...

So it's agreed then, we shall take wine for our hearts? ;)