Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Zealanders ...

Martin sent news of an iceberg for sale on TradeMe, the New Zealand version of EBay.

I went out in my boat & towed this sucker home.. up the estuary. I had a cunning plan to tow it up Auckland Harbour to the waterfront, grab some carpet grass, pick up some cheap chairs and show Mallard & Co how they could have a cheap (& latter disposable) stadium.

But it go stuck.. forgot about the 90% below.. what u see is only the "tip of the iceberg". So I tied up in the channel..

For sale are 20litre chilly bin chunks.
Sold on basis u bring your bin..I will blind fold u for secrecy.. u cut your own chunk.. it's cold stuff.

Will consider air freight to any drought starved Aussie (at a price).
Please hurry.. melting real fast.
Buy now is price per 20litres!

The attached Ask the seller a question is amusing this rainy weekend in Belgie.

Example: My husband wants to know it this item is registered and is the warrant up to date? Can you also tell us the mileage (or is that kilometerage,) and can you guarantee it has not been wound back while sitting in port? Does the Consumer Guarantee Act apply to this Berg or is it a Mc D Berg-er so has no value at all? posted by: arrabella (737 ) 7:12 pm, Sat 18 Nov

Sorry cannot help you. It came with no papers. Bit of tricky one as I couldn't find any odoberger., nor WOF (Warrant of Floatability),nor Rego (recognised Earlier Guarenteed Owner). Only really go thing about it.. doesn't require any coolant or anti-freeze. Heaters stuffed though. Buyer beware! 7:54 pm, Sat 18 Nov


Anonymous said...

checked out your flickr photostream ... cool to find you ... you have beautiful work.

woman wandering said...

Hi pink angel, I really enjoyed your flickr too ... I'm glad you stopped by.