Saturday, November 11, 2006

Final Score: New Zealand versus France

Parochial: having a narrow outlook or scope. (But really, only in rugby ... )

All Blacks (New Zealand): 47
France: 3

It was a great game, writes the kiwi living in Belgium.

And do you know, we don't have rugby hooligans ... there is no violence, no dirty fighting between fans after the match.

I liked this youtube, it gives you a taste of the game ...of my people.
New Zealand is the team in the black jersey ...


Mathieu said...


paris parfait said...

Yes, the All-Blacks deserved to win! As a French fan, I found the last third of the game hard to watch. But the All-Blacks were clearly the better team. Congrats (and see comments in your next post)!

paris parfait said...

And Di I forgot to mention that one of the French rugby players, Remy Matin (who plays for Stade Francais, our home team) lives in our neighbourhood. I often see him at the boulangerie or butcher. The Parc de Princes rugby stadium is just a 15-minute walk from our house.

woman wandering said...

I'm sorry mathieu - best we didn't wager :)

Hi Tara, the All Blacks are playing well at the moment ... it's a pleasure to watch but makes me horribly terribly homesick.

Remy Matin ... I must have a look.