Sunday, November 19, 2006

Laura Fraser, Writer

After finishing the delicious curl-up-on-a-cold-Saturday book, I went searching to see if the author had an online presence ....

She does.

You can find Laura Fraser's site here.

She writes: Hi, welcome to my website. I'm a journalist, author, writing teacher, traveler, Italophile, and long-time San Franciscan. My last book, a travel memoir called An Italian Affair , was a New York Times bestseller. My previous book was an exposé of the diet industry called Losing It.

I work with several other San Francisco writers and filmmakers in a collective called the Grotto . I don't have another book coming out soon, but thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

di, thanks for the blogger encouragement. dropped into yours (plural) and all that meandering did kick start the wanderlust that barely lies skin deep anyway.
tx 4 that 2


woman wandering said...

You're welcome galip. It was good to find you online :)