Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lisa, Blogger

I forgot to link to this when I read it last night but ... Lisa, over at Raison D’être, has written a highly amusing post titled Death of a nose piercing - or - why our phone bill is so huge .

She begins with this: (Fade in to a woman sitting at an office desk in her suburban home, speaking to her husband on the mobile. Both are 38 yrs. old, have three children and live in a small town in Germany, although each is from a distinctly different culture. She’s trying to get his opinion on her appearance, specifically concerning a nose ring she decided to get without seeking his opinion on the matter approximately four months ago. Let’s listen in and find out what happens…)


Lisa said...

YOU dih-ent.
You did!
I'm a title!
Thank you!

woman wandering said...

I did ... but Lisa, it made me laugh so much. I had to share it :)