Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dental Visit 3, Belgie

The numbing injection is taking so long to wear off and I'm not meant to eat until I can feel my mouth again ... I'm starving, and so ends another dental appointment.

It was better this time, no root canal but worse because she realised that a crack in the tooth next to the one she was working on was causing the pain. Needless to say, I have to go back next week.

She told me an interesting thing ... those black fillings I had put in over the years have a tendency to expand with hot drinks and food, causing cracks in the teeth and it was this that contributed to me losing points on 3 different teeth over the last couple of years.

It is exacerbated by the fact that I grind my teeth while I sleep but mmmm, all the best people do ... she hopes to repair the tooth crack she discovered today, before it snaps off and then there's the final known snapped point to work on on the other side of my mouth.

It's lovely to have found a dentist I trust but still ...


Alison said...

oi, what a drag. But just think when it's all done... Well ok, not very reassuring but, the moral is, don't neglect your teeth and then you can drink more wine :)

Manic said...

Teeth, who needs them. What have they ever done for us? They's just important for esthetic value ain't they. Maybe on your pic site you can alter the fashion trend and no teeth can become popular again. Then I won't have to brush my teeth all the time :D.

Sal DeTraglia said...

Lucky for all of us that wine is served cold.

Know what I mean?

Know what I mean??


[Doh! I just noticed that Alison made a wine crack, also. Sigh! Nothing is original anymore.]

woman wandering said...

Drink more wine ... okay but I have a 24 hour stand-down period so as to avoid staining the white filling.

Oh Meneer Manic ... I like my teeth, I merely fear dentists. Keep brushing your teeth :)

I know what you mean Sal ... seems like I'll have to have a class of wine rather than that hot tea or coffee with breakfast huh?

Lisa said...

I've been following your dental woes quietly, cringing, hoping it would be over soon. Apparently that wasn't to be the case. Just know you have my profound and deepest sympathies for having to go do this over and over again. Hopefully after she's finished you won't have to do it again for a long (long, long) time.

G has a dead tooth, one the nerve has been removed from, and his filling cracked the tooth into last week. Now the drama starts for us.

woman wandering said...

Thanks Lisa ... ya know, I think I'll go every six months, like a good little bunny.

Tell G good luck.