Saturday, November 18, 2006

Me and My Toshiba Satellite

My poor little laptop has been around the world more than a few times. It didn't expect this, it's a humble homebody type ... bought mid-way through 2003.

Not only that, I discovered it was a non-drinker after splashing a little red wine on the keyboard back in Istanbul. It required a prosthetic-limb-type external keyboard afterwards.

I adjusted to the new unsexy, unportable look.

Later, a little glue was applied to the keys so they would stop flicking off as I typed. Only one or two keys were involved but enough to be deeply annoying when missing.

And slow ... I almost forgot slow. It works as though powered by pedalling, a one-legged pedaller I think. I emptied out files and folders last night, tired of waiting 6 days after pressing the start-up button but then Gert opened it, turning the on/off button upside down because it had also worked loose and occasionally my laptop wouldn't turn on.

Today it seems the on/off button might be just a little too tight because my laptop turned itself off mid-post this morning ... uneven pressure applied by an invisible fairy is my guess.

And so it comes down to this ... I am a photographer for hire .


Pam said...

I believe that "uneven pressure applied by an invisible fairy" is to blame for MANY things.

woman wandering said...

MANY things, more than people realise I think :)