Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A little of this and a little of that

I was writing a post on my 3 most-loved fictional television dramas, complaining about the fact that two of them tell me far too much of medical conditions I would rather not know details about however the actors and storylines are superb.

And the third almost required me to sign up for counselling last week ... and then I wandered into the last of the sites for a link and it did something nasty and I had to crash out of it, losing all.

Anyway, it's probably for the best if I don't put my tv addiction out there for judgement, although those who would have mocked me back home rarely, if ever, read my blog.

Did that happen to anyone else ... that thing where you move away from home and 4-gazillon friends and family want you emailing them regularly and at length and so you start blogging and they pretty much all reject the blog because they only want to know how you are, or they want more personal stuff than you're prepared to blog about, or they don't like the news and information items you put out there, or you simply blog too often.

The end result?
Well these days I don't think anyone I started the blog for actually reads it.

Meanwhile Gert has left his mp3 player on my desk ... well his desk but possession is 9/10ths of the law. Who knew he listened to ... 'In de hemel is geen Dylan'

The photo ... taken in my beloved Istanbul. He was a sweet guy, woken up by his friends laughter as they watched me photograph him.

Postscript: Mark phoned me to remind me that he reads my blog, as does my sister (who never leaves comments). My dad says I write too much and he wants to know more about me without all the other stuff. My brothers have a history of criminal neglect of their sisters (and live far enough away not to be able to beat me a little should they happen upon this). And my lovely friend Corryl reads me. Hmmm, I think that's about it ... however I have met a whole world of new people out here in the blog world, and that's been delicious too.

Sorry Mark.


Manic said...

Mark, I am Di's new bestest friend. Now be jealous of Manic!

Ahh who cares what people in New Zealand read, China, there's the market, or India, that's the booming -short pause- booming market.

woman wandering said...

Oh Manic, you are, writes the smiling Di At least you come visit ...! Mark's still thinking up reasons not to, despite my promises of wine.

Okay, so you're advising me to look towards India and China for new family and friends?

ML said...

And how about your friend from America who reads it faithfully!!! hmmm..( and loves it too)

Nomad said...

I LOVE your photos.
Awesome, I love to take pics too but am way amateur.

re Blogging I so relate, it is sort of uncharted waters and I actually started a blog for my parents (mostly my mom) and my husbands parents to keep in touch with us see what the kids are up to, as we are Expat Canadians living in France.

Well they don't even read it!

Gosh it pisses me off no end but there you go.

I don't think they at all get how lonely this expat thing can be and how much we crave that familiar contact. But you are so right it is a cool adventure to develop your own signature style, chat about whatever moves you and find some others that click with you. Like our travels the unexpected silver lining...No??

woman wandering said...

My wonderful friend from America ... yes, I'm sorry. You do read it!

Hi Nomad, lovely to find you here and yes, the travels and adventures are the silver lining :)

Mark J said...

Di - Me think thou doust apologise too much.

Write not the mistruths thou imagine to be true. Instead see in thyself a sickness - a need to be told you are most wrong - for thee are indeed told most often. Tis this not true?


woman wandering said...

Lol, bite thy bum, Mark ...