Saturday, November 18, 2006

About falling in love with foreigners

To say that moving countries isn't for the fainthearted sounds dramatic and yet it is true ...

Lately, as money has begun slowly to trickle in, I have allowed myself to dream again, of all that I took so forgranted before Belgium ... hairdressers, clothes that I love, travel and going home ... most of all it's about going home.

Belgium wears the immigratory finery of royalty and it took me more than a year and a marriage to arrive here ...

The six to eight weeks in process promise was a lie on the grandest of scales and my money ran out after 3 months.

Slowly, as I begin establishing a business here, I am dreaming again, and it feels good.

Fall in love, by all means, but do check out the immigration policy of your lover's country ... the little grey people in suits prefer not to share the land that God made specifically for them during those 7 days of creation.


paris parfait said...

Di, I linked to you in today's post. Bonne chance to the All Blacks! xo

woman wandering said...

Thanks Tara, I commented over there.

Bonne chance back to you. Our All Blacks coach is talking of putting together his best team yet ... my punishment is having to watch the game with French commentators here in France.


harvey molloy said...

Do you think that you'll always live in Belgium? Is there no chance of you moving back to NZ? It seems to me that you're making Belgium your new home country and that takes years.

woman wandering said...

I can't imagine always living in Belgium Harvey ... it's only that Gert has young children, so I had to stay for now.

But I've told him that I can't imagine him leaving once he sees where I come from ... and he may mock me about looking forward to seeing this paradise I come from :)

Frankly, I can't see where he will find fault with NZ, and I can't imagine what might lure him back to Europe, besides family ties.

Lovely to find your comment here, just by the way :)

Pam said...

Oh my, all the things I wish I'd known before falling for that foreign guy! Not JUST the immigration policies, but what about those family dinner? And where you'll get sesame oil? And what the job market is like? The heart, she is an idjit, thankfully, or falling in love would NEVER happen.

ML said...

Thank goodness, my lover agreed to move near me, instead of the other way round! I don;t think I could have moved as you did, Di.
And congratulations on the All Black@ I even watched it!! and I normally don;t like sports!
But yes, there is no way that Gert will not fall in love with your country, I certainly did!