Monday, November 27, 2006

Jeff Derosa, Astute Bloke

Jeff Derosa wrote this superb description of New Zealand's South Island ... otherwise known as Di's Place.

He wrote, But New Zealand’s beauty is in a league all by itself. Another way to describe the South island is if you took an area the size of the state of Maine and then picked out the best of the Maine Coast, Colorado’s mountains, Ireland’s country side, tropical-looking water, and placed a cool city like Charleston, SC in the middle of it all … that would be New Zealand’s South Island.

In terms of both culture and natural beauty, is there a more attractive country on this planet? If so, let me know!

Well Jeff ... I don't think there is any place more attractive actually.

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Jeff De Rosa said...

This is good to know as I think I might not be able to handle anything more intense!