Wednesday, November 08, 2006

V-grrrl, Blogger

I haven't yet written this delightful event up yet ...

V-grrrl wrote me up over on Expatica Belgium. It was lovely.
If curious, you can click here .

Tot ziens from the smiley one.


pia said...

hello di
i read your article in Expatica a few minutes ago

I' ve been living Brussels for 18 months, we came here from Istanbul and i try to learn french and english here

your blog and photos are realy nice

if you want, I want to offer a cup of Turkish coffe in my Turkish blog

see you

woman wandering said...

Hi Pia, it's lovely to find you here!

Tesekkurler for your comment about my photos and blog. :)

Belle said...

just read the article. how nice.

your photography is spontaneous and fun.

woman wandering said...

Thanks Belle. I've been thinking about my photography lately ... curious to define a style but it's a thought in process :)