Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen

I've never heard Jack Kerouac speak before ...

Here he is in a youtube on the Steve Allen Show back in 1959

Thanks to Rolf Potts and Boing Boing .


Lisa said...

Dear Di, I have nothing to say about Jack Kerouac or Steve Allen, unfortunately.

Just wanted to pop in and adore you once more. Your photography is moving into the realm of brilliant. I wouldn't be surprised if you rate your own museum exhibit one day. Have you presented a portfolio to your local art houses? How does one break into that, I wonder... Anyway, it's something you should consider.

woman wandering said...

Dear Lisa, I was reading your comment with interest, as usual, and then laughed outloud as I reached your second sentence.
Thank you, writes the smiley one.

You're very kind. I have all these plans and ideas 'in process' but everything's taking time.

I've just been making a selection for an online group who do street-type photography, and there's a small chance that I might have a place in an exhibition here in the city next year but the chance is small. I won't know until early January.

Meanwhile I'm trying to launch my photography business but Christmas is looming and I need to be patient :)

Thanks anyway, your comment did make my day.

Lisa said...

It was sincere. I wish you unlimited success. :)

p.s. You get a show and I'm coming if I have to hock the children and crawl there. :)