Saturday, November 25, 2006

Welcome to the PC 21st century in Welsh Rugby

Halftime score: New Zealand 28 - Wales 3.

But there was no haka at the start of this weekend's All Black's rugby match against Wales ...

Stunned, I googled it and discovered some silly little men felt menaced by the throat-slitting gesture at the end of the latest haka ...

The same gesture that made me laugh when I saw it.
New Zealanders are known the world around for their peaceful natures.
We don't have rugby fans acting out in deadly fighting during and after matches.
What are these pc idiots talking about?

Okay, so I'll come down off my soapbox and report coherently. Wales great Gerald Davies has become the latest leading rugby figure to say the All Blacks should drop the "throat-slitting" haka pre-match ritual, insisting it was "unworthy of New Zealand rugby" and had "no place on the playing field."

"We await with interest to see which one of the two hakas the All Blacks will perform on their tour of Europe," Davies, one of the outstanding wings of his generation and a star of the victorious British and Irish Lions side which triumphed in New Zealand in 1971, wrote in his column Thursday in The Times.

Well Gerald, they decided to perform behind closed doors so as to not psychologically traumatise those forced to watch this traditional pre-match display.

"It is devoutly to be hoped that they have left behind closed doors the one they chose to offer us last year.

"The one, that is, with the somewhat-menacing slitting-of-the-throat gesture," added Davies ahead of Sunday's match between England and New Zealand at Twickenham.

In New Zealand, this kind of nonsense would result in dear Gerald being addressed as 'Girl's blouse'.

The New Zealand newspapers are already reporting that The move wasn't warmly accepted by the 74,000-strong crowd at Millennium Stadium, with boos ringing out when it became clear there would be no haka performed.


Mathieu said...

Another example of silly PCness, even as a Frenchman, I'll miss the Haka.

But then, we have the least PC national anthem there is... plenty of throat slashing and blood running in the fields. :-)

woman wandering said...

Oh, the haka won't go away, it was only absent this time... so as not to scare the silly people fearful of a throat- slitting gesture made by some of the nicest people in the world.

Hmmm so I should hunt down the english translation of the French anthem?