Sunday, October 01, 2006

Banksy, Grafitti Artist

Erin posted on a grafitti artist called Banksy ... needless to say, I was curious to know more of the man behind the superb images he painted on Israel's illegal wall around Palestine.

The most recent article begins like this: Keeping his identity a closely guarded secret, the graffiti artist Banksy has made a name for himself with provocative images stencilled around the streets of London.

Here is a selection of images from his recent trip to the Palestinian territories, where he has created nine of his images on Israel's highly controversial West Bank barrier.

You can read an interview with Banksy here


Manic said...

Wants the dude to do his art on one of his walls in his "kot".

woman wandering said...

Manic ... you had to explain that your 'kot' is the place/room/apartment where you sleep and live.

At least I think that's what it is?

Banksy is amazing, isn't he!
I loved what he did on the illegal Israeli wall and turning down Nike ...

Manic said...

Well, it seems you now know the meaning of 'kot' so I don't have to anymore.

woman wandering said...

Well, I was surprised when my Kiwi friend talked of her French husband staying in a kot in Switzerland ... a 'cot' is the bed a small baby sleeps in and it didn't seem like a nice plan ... an apartment or a room in a house seemed so much nicer.

She explained and so, 'ja, now I know'. :)