Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Setting up my business in Belgium

A little good news ... the first 5000euro I earn is tax free, I only need to be sure of earning 200euro per month to pay the accountant and social security.

Foolish me ... I had used the 'Tax on your income above the minimum exempt amount' chart and that said: 0euro to 7,100 euro = 25%

In actuality, had I read on I would have found 'You pay no tax on the first 5,780euro'.

I'm learning important things like starting your own business is tough. You have to believe in your product and then sell.

And what would I do without friends who ask me the difficult questions that make life so much more simple ... So what are you afraid of? What do you have to lose exactly?? What's the worst thing that could happen if you now declare yourself professional.


Manic said...

You forgot the most important one, special for Belgium, How are you going to avoid paying taxes? Real important one, young lady.

PS: If your tax men asks that, you say: 'Tax dodging, does that still exists? I thought Jesus made that up to give the Bible more action.'

paris parfait said...

I´m sure you´re going to be very successful. It´s this bureaucratic red tape that seems discouraging. Just remind yourself, it´s only temporary!

woman wandering said...

Lol manic ... as if a sweet Kiwi immigrant like myself would do such a thing!

We did laugh over your PS advice. Dank u wel, I will try it.

I hope so Paris. I've just worked out the details of a photo website ... coming soon :)

Lisa said...

The most important question is, what will happen if you keep hinting at what you're doing and never let your blog audience - part of whom, when not enjoying a certain beautiful photograph, are quietly sitting on the edge of their chairs hoping you come out with it one of these days - in on the secret?

Well, their eyeballs are apt to explode. Have pity. Will there be a hint one of these days? *LOL* Has there already been and I missed it? :D

woman wandering said...

Lisa, you're back!

Visions of exploding eyeballs had me giggling ... and rushing over here to reply after releasing your comment.

The hinting has been me building up the courage ... it's been a bumpy ride as I decide 'Yes I will, NO I won't' and ecetera.

I didn't realise quite how it felt to commit to a business.

So anyway ... well, I'm setting myself up as a photographer. I'm building a website, working on advertising and all should be up in the next couple of weeks.

I've been building a portfolio of work, working on business card ideas, fretting over money, not sleeping so well, working on advertising, having people generously advise me, having friends sometimes write in CAPITALS to me ... and now, I think I'm almost done.

It's the first of a few projects. I promise to write of them here first.

There ... is that okay?

Lisa said...

Yes. :D That is okay. You're going to rock this. I know, I've seen the goods.

woman wandering said...

Thanks Lisa ... lol, thank you.

wandering-woman said...

Oh dear.

I've been know to write in CAPITALS haven't I?

But we both know you will ROCK in all of these sundry and delicious projects.


erin, all small letters.