Friday, October 20, 2006

Who can resist a book when the dedication reads like this:

This book is dedicated to my grandparents, who not only handed down their thirst for new places, but also passed on their spirit of adventure and a healthy desire for being humbled by different cultures.

These are the only things a traveller should leave home with.

Anik See
from, A Taste of Adventure


Anonymous said...

Whew!!!!!!!! You certainly make someone who hasn't linked to you for a week pay for it ... but with some wonderful piccies and informative clips so thank you!!! :)

Glad the roast lamb meal turned out fine!

I can't believe that about the t-shirt!

Hope your business and tax conundrums sort themselves out.

I think the boxer liked you desite your lack of a commonm language ...

woman wandering said...

Lol, I'm sorry chiefbiscuit ... I've been working at the computer most of the week and so there were things to say and workloads to be distracted from :)

The business and tax conundrums are simply about being brave for a while ... :) thank you.

The boxer ... isn't he cute.