Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday, 3.12am

Pam caught a train to the far-away airport and flew back to Austria today. After saying goodbye, I wandered into the city for an interview with a local business owner here.

Once there I spent a couple of truly fascinating hours listening to this man answer my questions. He was a generous soul and took me back to his place to show me through some of his books on Antwerp's early history.

Not only that, he gave me a tour of his quirky yet stunning home.

Yes that one ... the building pressed up and sharing its back wall with one of Antwerpen's most stunning monuments.

Such are the blessed confusions and experiences of this expat, immigrant life of mine ...

Sometimes it's all slightly incredible ... other times it feels a little like I'm Alice attending a Wonderland teaparty, listening while the white rabbit engages Kafka's characters in conversation.


jarvenpa said...

And it is always lovely to stop by your site and share your experiences. You are a fine photographer--what fun to get glimpses from the other side of the world.

Manic said...

Well, Belgium is kinda similar to a wonderland. What goes on here can sometimes make a stranger wonder, and even pounder about the real important issues in life.

Those issues are a nice roof over your head, a nicely filled table before your belly, and a good old bunch of friends in the nearest pub.

woman wandering said...

Thanks jarvenpa ... it's always lovely to find your comments here.

Ahhh manic ... Belgium is.
I enquired about taking my Belgian man back to New Zealand ... sometimes I'm just not sure that I can find a way through the challenges that Belgium presents me with.