Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rene Magritte, Belgian Painter -This is not a Pipe

Another day in Di World and Gert woke to one of those 'What is wrong with your country and how we can fix things' lectures by Di.

I'm thinking of writing to the Prime Minister before the national elections ... I feel I have things to offer this country.

Gert didn't confirm this and was defensive at times, laughing helplessly at other times. This shouldn't take anything away from the very serious nature of my 'lecture' but at least he can stand those mornings when I wake from a tough dreamscape with the lucidity to speak fluently and at length on various Belgian issues.

Do I have the right?
Well yes, it's my birthday soon and I just know the Belgian post is going to steal and redistribute anything that might come in the mail.

So far, I haven't had one parcel arrive in the post ... this does give me material for morning lectures.

Hmmm, perhaps I should video and youtube them.
It may lead to a lucrative career ... although I'll probably have to give 75% of what I earn to various Belgian agencies now that I'm legal.

Anyway, on the subject of Kafka and Belgium ... Cindy in Brusssels just tried to fly out of Belgium ... pour a drink, put your feet up and have a wee read if you're in the mood for the absurd on this rainy grey Belgian day.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and Belguim can sort out your differences! Sounds a mite frustrating ... BTW Which political party got in?

Anonymous said...

Oh ... hang on ... just read your post mentioning the results ... very interesting ...

woman wandering said...

Phew ... how to explain which party got in is beyond me at the moment :)

EVERYTHING is always very complicated in Belgium, or so it seems to this foreigner.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.. first I chuckled at your blog.. imagining that I was a little bird at your window as you lectured Gert, who probably already knows what he can and can't say to you during these moments (usually).. and then I went on to read Cindy's blog.. actually several of them. She's so funny, and her experiences here definitely out do any that I have heard from you, Alison, and myself. ha ha. At least she's a good sport about it (usually) : )

Lever said...

Oooh, legality? I think some congrats are in order! Cheers :D

And as for those "what's wrong with your country" stuff, I get that on occasions [sp?] from BBFK too... maybe me & Gert should swap notes sometime?

woman wandering said...

Hey Shannon :) Cindy's superb, isn't she.

Hi Lever ... blokes note-swapping, mmmm I don't know, it usually leads to mocking and the exchange of knowing looks between men but that aside ... yes, you and BBFK should wander our way some time :)