Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A woman wandering in Spain

Erin wrote a delicious post titled And the Angels Sing over on her blog. It's worth checking out ... as are her stories of life in Salamanca in Spain found here and and here .

She also called me an 'upstart wanderer', almost causing me to fall off my chair laughing. It was affection, not criticism.

Her comment was inspired by a quote that I posted ... she loved it.


twitches said...

NOw that is an interesting post. Spoken by someone who cannot sing at all. Period.

woman wandering said...

Do you think that maybe we're uptight colonials or something?

Religious folk and farmers wandered in and settled in New Zealand after the Maori had been there for a few hundred years ... perhaps they were just too serious to sing.

wandering-woman said...

LOL, twitches. C´mon, can't?? or won't????

I for one, vote you put a little audio sample on the blog...and we'll decide... :)

woman wandering said...

Oh seconded ... an audio sample sounds grand.

Sadly I can't reply in kind, I don't have the technology ;)

twitches said...

OK - I'll revise my statement - WON'T!!!