Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Everyday's a Saturday, Elemeno P

Hey manic ... Mark's been blogging New Zealand music. I have to share it :)

He provided a translation, just in case.

Everyday's a Saturday

I got a pocket full of your kisses
And i know that I'm never coming back
I've been warned but I long for your embrace
I keep calling save me,save me
Cup of coffee and a packet of cigarettes
Up late cause lectures don't start yet
Bowl of Weetbix and a plate of bacon and eggs
Sunday morning gonna do it all again

Every day's a Saturday
Every night's a night like this
Every time that we draw close
Every time a perfect miss

Called up my friends and I'm thinking of a barbeque
Mid afternoon and there's nothing better to do
Feeling good and they sky seems extra blue
I can almost see Utopia


Lisa said...

I'd forgotten about that distinctive accent. Not quite British, not quite Australian, yet similar to my ear. It's lovely and I could listen to it for hours. Being away from America so long Americans all sound so nasal to me now, and I wonder how my own voice has changed. Do you think the Belgians have affected the way you sound?

Anonymous said...

Ohh she mentioned my name. I am not going to say anything about you and Mark, it's yesterday's news.

The video was nice, the music was good. New Zealand now looks to me like the place where everyone knows everyone. One big happy Maori family. All dancing and barbecueing. Com'on Pippin, back to the shire!

woman wandering said...

Hey Lisa. I think I spent a long time trying to tidy up my acccent ... then I went feral here in Belgium and pulled a couple of Crocodile Dundee-isms out of the bag.

However talking on the phone to a kiwi friend the other day ... he told me I had a posh accent. I guess the truth will be told when I finally get home :)

Of course manic lol. NZ is a happy place to be ... can't you do exchange study there? You'd love it.