Monday, October 09, 2006

Loud and proud about racist roots ...

The Observer, 8th October 2006 has an interesting article about the Extreme Right here in Belgium. Filip Dewinter, the leader of the openly xenophobic extreme right neo nazi party that is calling for stict measures against immigrants and has strong opinions on security.

Dewinter was speaking from his office in Antwerpen and happily recognised his party's links to other European hard-right groups - calling France's Jean-Marie Le Pen 'the grandfather of the European Nationalist right', praising Danish far-right leaders and talking of tactical lessons that could be learnt from the recent success of Switzerland's SVP.

He also admitted that Vlaams Belang is a renamed version of Vlaams Blok, a party dissolved after being condemned for inciting racial hatred by a Belgian court two years ago. 'The style and the propaganda have changed, but we are the same party underneath,' he said.

Dewinter has another belief, one that will continue to make a mess of this tiny country of 10 million people. He says that 'independence for Flanders is logical, not necessarily for economic reasons. 'They (as in Walloons) are of Latin genes, we are from Nordic racial stock,' he said.

This man got 62,000 votes yesterday ... his party took 95,000 votes in Antwerpen.

Welcome to Europe in the 21st century.

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