Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Antwerp, Expats and Diamonds

Pam flew in from Austria last night and we're off wandering in the city today.

She's curious about the Antwerpen's diamond district and I've only been there on a Sunday when all is quiet. Seems like a nice kind thing to do with a day.

I'll let you know.


christina said...

Diamonds go with everything. Hope you both have a lovely time.

woman wandering said...

We did thank you :)

Hopefully you'll pop by one day soon.

Belle said...

Interesting, got photos?

woman wandering said...

Hi Belle ... no photos because the diamond area is the strangest area of Antwerp. It's kind of ugly.

In the actual trading area there's nothing to see ... just men in suits, Jewish, Indian and others and one gets the impression they wouldn't be amused by a camera following their every move.

We saw one serious security guard standing guard, and perhaps one briefcase handcuffed to a wrist, then a lot of grey block buildings without any redeeming features ... secure not pretty.

We missed out the diamond museum because the day was too nice to be inside ... Pam did take a good photographs of the Jewish restuarant we had lunch in.