Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Martin, Taskmaster

Martin and I have been working on a rather exciting, kind-of-secret project for quite some time now.

Being the saintly folk that we are, we're donating our time and creating quite the wee dossier of work.

Martin, being the older ... (he might try to claim wiser and more knowlegeable) half of the team has quite naturally assumed the position of leader.

I made the mistake of returning his call today when in actuality I should have simply ignored him. Calling him back just earned me a truly shocking list of interesting tasks to be done as soon as possibe ...

I'm sorry, no clues manic, it's just another one of those small mysteries for now however when the launching day comes, I'll post it here first.


Manic said...

I so do not like all those secrets. It's like the dudes who create a fake Manic page and if you do a typo, you get there. Won't happend again, I'm directing my speach now to Mark. Sorry for sending you to the wrong place Mark. The right adress is this one -is hoping he will now not put in a typo- http://manicpktje.blogspot.com

woman wandering said...

I know manic LOL.

The fake Manic page was bizarre, wasn't it. Good luck ... I guess they did it on purpose.