Saturday, October 14, 2006

Better Blogging Tips

A nice little piece on Better Blogging from Any Gahran's Poynter Online post.

# A blog entry is a stub for conversation.
# Think about the perspectives of your audience.
# Write tight headlines that encourage interest.
# Make points or lists and make then scan-friendly.
# Link to the context.
# Quote indirectly and link.
# Format long documents for print.
# Never delete anything.
# Troll the blogosphere for secondary conversation.
# Be active in your own conversations.
# Create buzz everywhere.

She links back to Vince Maher's post titled 11 Tips For Managing A Good Blog Entry .


Peter said...

Maybe another tip/question: "# Find a way to protect original photographs posted on a blog."

As I just returned from a great diving vacation in Egypt, I'm trying to find a way to post the most unique/ memorable, without finding them all over the internet a few weeks later.

I know, I can put my name or url on the picture (but that tends to take away the feelings/athmosphere I'm trying to evoke and spoils the picture)

On our diving school site, I encoded 50 photographs in a Flash file, making it virtually impossible to copy them.

I don't object to linking (that's what blogging is all about), but I do object to copying original photographs, and I'm still looking into a way to prevent it.

woman wandering said...

Hi Peter, obviously I opt for spoiling the image for now (and there have been complaints) but like you, I had no idea how to stop people lifting and re-using my images.

A guy was recently caught taking the best from the web and selling them in stock libraries ... I started writing on my images about then, after much convincing by a professional photographer friend.

Let me know if you find anything ...