Friday, October 20, 2006


Turkey is melodramatic, in colours, politics, religion, secularism. All its flavours stick with me and resurface daily, even when I am five thousand miles from it. It is the only place I have ever felt bathed simultaneously in aroma, sound, colour and the history of several empires. The wailing muzzins reverberates through air saturated with the smell of tea and spices, calls to prayer bounce from minaret to minaret so hauntingly that I remember them now with absolute clarity.
Anik See
from, A Taste for Adventure

A small idea of why I love Istanbul so very very much.


Anonymous said...

I hope to smell and taste it soon as I will be in Turkey for the first time end of this month. As I will be staying in the center of a village I certainly hope to feel the real Turkey, not the "beach holliday" one. I will let you know ...

woman wandering said...

Oh Lut ... I would carry your bags for you :)

I want to quote so much of this new book. In one place, the author describes a Turkish breakfast ... I'm sure you'll get to eat one of those while you're there.

They are the loveliest people, I'm sure you'll have the best time.