Friday, October 13, 2006

Mark and New Zealand humour

I wanted to link to amusing extracts from Mark's post but I'm sure he won't mind if I lift most of it for context.

I liked his description of New Zealanders way of viewing the world, and his link to the Trade Me site lead me into some simply delicious comment from home ...

Mark wrote: I noticed on David Farrar's Kiwiblog that there is an auction on trademe featuring the New Zealand Labour Party's election pledge card.

I love the comments.

Humour is a large part of what makes a New Zealander. Our dry wit, and our under-statement speaks volumes. You can never take yourself too seriously here because there's always someone around who will absolutely take the piss, and you will regret it - trust me.

The Trademe comments run something like this and it helps if you know something of the current NZ government, although charges of lying and corruption probably fit many governments:

Question:Is this the famous "get out of jail free" card? Monopoly isnt much fun when the Govt owns everything you know posted by: hotrodtodd1 (24 ) 4:38 pm, Fri 13 Oct

Answer: Taxpayer error in your favour. Collect $446,000. 1:07 am, Sat 14 Oct

Question: Do you have one of the cards that show Helen topless? posted by: duchess6 (33 ) 10:11 pm, Fri 13 Oct

Answer: No. I've got one that shows her shameless though. 2:35 am, Sat 14 Oct


Anonymous said...

Just dropped in for a read again - wonderful posts as usual. Hope you can get sorted re business ideas and logisitics ... kiwi ingenuity hogtied slightly by Belgian bureacracy??

woman wandering said...

Kiwi ingenuity fainted and is left in knots over Belgian bureacracy.

You know the maths is worse than I thought.

Earn under 7,000euro
pay 25% in tac
pay 1000euro in social security
pay 800 euro in accountancy fees to keep me in business.

I'm stunned and trying to work out a Plan B.