Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tuckova, blogger

Pam wrote pre-departure from Austria with news of a blog that she thought I might enjoy ...

I wandered over to tuckova and think everyone should.

She's superb.

An extract from her About Me will give you a small taste of her style. See what you think: so, i’m a US citizen living in the czech republic. i used to live in japan, but i got burned out. I tried to go back to the states but it was not for me. i realized that despite the probable inevitable cultural burnout wherever i went, i was really not as happy in the U.S. as i had been out of it, so i left again in 1994 and came here, to brno, which was smallish (pop: 500,000) and greyish (although a lot of things have been restored, over the last 9 years, and it’s less crumbling beauty than it was) and bitterish (that’s the same), and absolutely took my heart like no city ever has.

i used to teach, but after my son was born, i switched full-time to editing. medical papers, legal documents, university theses– not really much money, but it bought the basics and worked around my erratic inclination to work, as well as other things like sudden bursts of travel, very well. then last year i lucked into an editing job for an american website (a “lessons for busy teachers” kind of thing), which pays dollars. very nice. it’s also nice to do something i’m really good at, which is correct other people’s mistakes.


paris parfait said...

Must check this link out when I get back to Paris and unlimited computer access. Thanks!

woman wandering said...

You must :)