Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogging the 'delighted Di dance'

I was looking around for someone to do the 'delighted Di dance' with but the apartment is empty ... so here I am blogging.

I've finally finished work on my Sunday portrait collection.
80 images passed my strict guidelines and there are some that I simply (and immodestly I guess) love.

I do hope my beautiful Belgian likes how I captured her.
She was lovely to work with and we have a range ... different light, different tops, different hairstyles.

There was a lot of laughter.
I caused the most when I lay down on the wet grass to photograph her from a particular angle. When I stood up, my trousers were soaked and she was delighted ... probably because I was the photographer and up until that point had found it seriously amusing to say, 'And now, relax ... pretend there's no camera'.

I love the photos I took ... but that's been a journey of fault-finding, discarding and rechecking again and again until I was sure of my selection.

I love photography, did you know it?


Manic said...

LMAO, laying down on Belgian grass is the stupidest thing yuo can do. Everybody knows that the Belgian soil is always wet from the heavy rains we get during the year. It must have been the funniest sight in the world.

Lisa said...

I'm beginning to expect, yes. )

I bet you got some good shots out of those wet pants.

woman wandering said...

Well manic ... I didn't know about wet Belgian grass. Where's your sympathy young man??!! I could have caught a chill, I was out on my bicycle you know.

You noticed huh Lisa, and yes, I got some good shots full of laughter.

I did this back in NZ more casually and I remember the first time I photographed friends of friends. I went to the park early and sussed out some spots. I walked back to our meeting place, walked up a small hill, saw them, waved, slipped ... sliding back down the muddy hill and reaching the bottom mud-covered.

Oh yes ... it's a good technique for loosening people up to photograph them ... how I suffer for my art.

Anonymous said...

To Di: Nor me or Nele will ever forget your wet clothing, thankfully, and
To Manic: did you try our Belgian grass in July 2006? It was worth it! Dry and warm and soft, just like ... a nice warm bed?

Manic said...

Well, I never heard of somebody getting a chill because he had wet trousers, so I thought you could manage. You was born in New Zealand, they got penguins down there, so a chill would be a laugh for you.

Yea, you always suffer for art, or because of art. You would start to believe it's overrated, wouldn't you?

woman wandering said...

Dank u wel Lut, it makes me smile just thinking of the laughter I earned.

Okay manic, no sympathy from you so I will confess that my trousers were more or less dry by the time I biked home.

Art ... over-rated???
Oh manic, wash you mouth out with soap ;)