Sunday, January 20, 2008

A winter's day out walking ...

reflection, originally uploaded by - di.

Jessie and I went out wandering and found this old room in the city, even the ceiling has a beautiful painting on it.

Gert asked me where it is, I had no real idea. It's one that I always find by accident.

So there I was, wondering what it might have been when the camera clicked and she had me ... a photograph of that rarely captured breed known as the photographer ;)


Manictastic said...

And the room was open? With nobody inside? Nor a name tag or price tag?
I really wonder how big Antwerp is, since you discover new place everyday that no one knows about.

Peter said...

LOL Di, you never cease to amaze me :-)

Great shot, I have been wondering too where exactly in Antwerp(en) it could have been taken.

If you post more details I may be able to locate the building (I need a street, a monument, anything that may give me a clue)

[smiling] Did you have absolutely no idea where you actually were when you took this shot? :-))

Di Mackey said...

The room was open, it's part of a complex that has an information notice outside it, and an information/gift shop attached. There are people working in offices there too ... hmmm, I posted about it before I think.

I've been there before but always find it by accident Manic.

Peter, I had to smile but yes, I really don't know precisely where it is ... but we were on our way to Via Via Cafe and we may have detoured - it's in that vicinity but I can't remember why we detoured. I realised when Gert asked me where it was, I started talking and had no idea.

Going to search my blog, I think I've posted on it before ...

V-Grrrl said...

I never know how to find my way back to the places I've been.

This is why we're "women wandering."

Di Mackey said...

Lol yes v-grrrl ... and really we're lost. Rome is the only place I did okay in but I think it was because I was mostly alone and not being too lost was imperative.

My first apartment in Istanbul for everyone to find, me included for that first couple of months.