Thursday, January 17, 2008

Release Me, by Oh Laura

Mark introduced me to the Swedish band, Oh Laura today.
I'm liking them.


Anonymous said...

bonjour Di!

I was so delighted to see you had stopped by-- I wish I could listen to this Youtube link but my internet is really slow right now (we're getting it fixed . . someday) and downloading takes for ever. I love Belgium-- my grandparents were Belgian and my dad spent lots of time there growing up--- my husband and I talk rather frequently of the day we will go to New Zealand-- we always hold out "New Zealand!" as the place we will go when life in the USA gets too damn nuts-- okay it is nuts now but, you know, REALLY nuts-- and now I will stop hijacking your comments--


Di Mackey said...

Bonjour Elizabeth, although I'm living in Flanders, on the Dutch speaking side :) My French is worse than my Dutch, and that's saying something.

My New Zealand literature professor was an American who moved to NZ last time the States got crazy, during the Cold War. Great things came from it, he started the, until then, non-existant department of NZ Lit.

Hijack my comments any old time, nice to find you here :)

Inge said...

This song is currently on a Saab ad on New Zealand tv and it appealed to me so much that Vaughan searched for it on the internet. Great to see the band mentioned on your blog - we obviously have equally good taste ;-).

Di Mackey said...

We do Inge ... obviously. You chose a kiwi bloke and I have my Vlaamse man.

Love the sound of that band though. A friend in Auckland sent me the link - he finds good stuff :)