Monday, January 21, 2008

Fireplace feature, Antwerpen

Fireplace feature, Antwerpen, originally uploaded by - di.

The street is probably Oude Beurs, Peter. That's where Gert thinks the old building is ...

I'll go back this week if you don't find it. I need to name it once and for all.

This was a detail of the big old fireplace in the room that Jessie and I found in the city.

The natural light there was superb. I think it was more about that than the subject in this instance.


Manictastic said...

Oh, the portrayal of a devil or something. What's he eating?

Di Mackey said...

You know ... I have no idea. I just saw the beautiful natural light, found something to frame and voila, we have a photograph. The story is yours to tell ;)