Saturday, January 05, 2008

Abdellatif Laâbi, Poet

Little wave of pure joy
you are welcome
amidst an ocean of sorrows
Thanks to you I know
that it isn't pointless to hope for a truce
in the cycle of horrors
that in the notebook of love
there remain a few unwritten pages
that a friend long out of touch
will send a most unexpected message
that another life
with a brief but amazing flame
still awaits me in this life
Little wave of pure joy
put a smile on the faces
of all those these lines
will reach!

I found this beautiful poem over at Nomadics


wandering-woman said...

Oh God, I needed that tonight! Thanks for posting it.

Di Mackey said...

A pleasure :)

traveller one said...

That is really wonderful...

Claudia said...

That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that Di. I love going on line and searching out little gems like that!