Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Clown School II

Clown School II, originally uploaded by - di.


Peter said...

Striking colours Di, especially since you posted an original shot. It's often great watching photoshopped images, but I still prefer your "naturelle" approach.

I love the way the red contrasts with the green.

When my major 'investments' in several new appliances that didn't make it through my AC power incident are forgotten, I'm going to get a new camera. Soon :-)

I looked at the SLRs but realized I'd never have it with me. A 6x zoom camera with manual controls is only 200 euro, allowing me some more creative space.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Peter. It was in a dark corner but it was unposed photography, and I kind of liked how it turned out anyway.

The new camera ... excellent :)