Saturday, January 19, 2008

Maya Stein, Poet

An extract from a beautiful poem over at one paragraph at a time.

imagine, despite your unbearable faults and fissures,
you are still a thing of beauty, a rare creature, a snowflake,
a singular, spectacular atom circumnavigating the tangled astronomy
of your life the only way you know how.


wandering-woman said...

Viva Maya Stein!

stunning, thanks for posting it

Di Mackey said...

I wanted to post the whole poem but then realised it was better to send people to Maya, so they could read some more of her often stunning poetry :)

Maya Stein said...

Di -

Wow. Thank you. I'm honored that you posted my work on your site (and the link, too!). And so pleased that my words moved you in this particular way. I feel...well...humbled. And very grateful that there are people out there, like you, who continue to accompany me in this funny cyberspacial world, and who really, really get what I'm writing about...I thought I was only writing for myself, but I can see quite clearly now that I have some excellent companions in this adventure. Thank you for your continued support.

Di Mackey said...

It's a pleasure, Maya. I really enjoy your work.