Sunday, January 27, 2008

Party at Villa Kiwi, Antwerpen

It's a tired creature, writing this post ... tired in good ways I hasten to add. There's nothing quite like good company, a party and a photo session to make me smile in winter.

v-grrrl has written our weekend up and described Di in her interview clothes in ways that made me smile so I'll link to her post.

But last night's party ... it was extra special, partially due to our talented Spanish guitar-playing friend who delighted us with songs in both Spanish, including music he had written for one of Pablo Neruda's poems, and in Portuguese. He's working on a demo, I'll let you know when his music is available.

And I was left with camera-envy (shameful I know) when Simon and Paola talked of their intended purchase but so very delighted to meet them. And charmed, as ever, by Peter and Hans.

Eva's one of the world's beautiful people, inside and out, the Belgian in love with her Spaniard, came over and we enjoyed catching up with both her and her man. Lut was there, radiating her deliciousness and at one point had little Miss Three curled up in her arms as they sat listening to Ivan play guitar ... and I discovered her man Maurice speaks English so very well. I should have known, Belgians are so good in languages but Maurice has been happy to listen to us in the past.

I think I impressed him (almost) when I told him in Dutch that he was 'a rose between two thorns' when he sat with Lut and I on the red couch ... een roos tussen twee toornen

It was lovely to see Eric, Miss E and Mr A - property of Ms V. They're always a pleasure to catch up with. Kiwis Heather and Helen came too, with Heather putting my 'New Zealanders don't really do language' claim to shame with her fluent Dutch. (...sigh) And Helen had come despite jetlag - a woman I hope to photograph one day soon actually.

Michelle came bearing Brownies that tasted divine, with a new hair style that suited and would have delighted Shannon - our guru of good taste and beautiful things. We're hooking up for a photo session next weekend, as she joins those flying home and abandoning me soon.

I guess it's clear that it was a really good night, one of those nights that leave you sitting on the couch with good friends talking about how much we all enjoyed it, how nice the people were, and about the conversations that seemed better than ever.

Thanks to everyone who traveled to Antwerpen ...

So, when suits you in February?


Peter said...

The pavlova was divine Di, just like the very warm welcome, in addition to the very special guests.

I lost a couple of bottles along the way (my dearest s/o forgot to close his car...), but hey, that's the downside of downtown living.

You know, I found out that Michelle and I shared a mutual interest: banking, stocks and cash (especially someone else's cash :-)

Seriously, my s/o has been nagging me for hours about the Pavlova: "do you think it can be made at home when Di gets you her recipe?" ("it can be made at home" obviously meaning "you can" - oh, men!)

You picked the most perfect personal gift for Veronica I could ever imagine.

I'll get back to you asap.

Di Mackey said...

Dank u wel Peter, and Hans :)

I'm glad you and Michelle found a shared interest. She's lovely, isn't she.

I'll blog the pavlova recipe - they're very easy. Lol, men ... at least you know how to win his heart if all else fails.

V-Grrrl said...

One of the best parties ever, "shaken, not stirred."

I rather like the image of Peter in an apron, whipping up a pav. Why does that make me laugh? It's the thought of what MIGHT happen if he operates a mixer. Will a beater fly out? Will the mixer catch fire? Will the pav explode in the oven? Peter, your life is turning into a crazed reality show!

Simon said...

Thanks again for welcoming us into your home, Di. I can only echo Peter's comment about the pavlova (and the other guests, of course).
We're free in February, by the way...;-)

Di Mackey said...

I'm looking forward to hearing how the pavlova goes for Peter, maybe the New Zealand-ness of it will break his run of bad luck with appliances.

It was a pleasure, Simon. I'll let you know as soon as we have a date :)

Manictastic said...

At the moment February is wide open for me. And y'all had too much fun.

Di Mackey said...

Excellent news!

Peter said...

You know Di and V, the first thing Hans said when I translated these posts was "where's the (electric) mixer?" :-)

I reminded him that in a previous life he used to operate industrial strength power tools (like in "use that crane to move this 10 ton load")
but somehow, whipping some egg whites by hand is beyond his power - LOL!

As I appeared jinxed these passed few weeks, I'm not touching anything electric (well, restrictions apply - if it's outside the limits of my kitchen I feel quite safe ;-)

Di Mackey said...

I really wouldn't recommend a hand beater in this instance ... it's a lot of mixing and you need an electric mixer. It gets very thick too.

Maybe you could take the electric mixer into the lounge and undo this jinx thing you have going :)

Mlle said...

sounds like you had another wonderful party! I'm going to try to make pavlova on my next day off...

wish I could have been there.. missing you :(

Di Mackey said...

Well, we're still working on 'the' pav recipe but let us know how you go.

I wish you could have been there too. You would have loved how Michelle looked with her new hair- style. Gorgeous she was ...

Anything that works now is given that 'Shannon would have approved of that' seal of approval :)