Monday, January 21, 2008

An interesting article titled 'Hillary, Barack, Experience'

Nicholas Kristof writes a thoughtful piece on what might be wrong about voting for 'experience' when voting for the next president of America.

He opens: With all the sniping from the Clinton camp about whether Barack Obama has enough experience to make a strong president, consider another presidential candidate who was far more of a novice. He had the gall to run for president even though he had served a single undistinguished term in the House of Representatives, before being hounded back to his district.

That was Abraham Lincoln.

But it was they way that he ended his fact-filled article that made me smile... To put it another way, think which politician is most experienced today in the classic sense, and thus — according to the “experience” camp — best qualified to become the next president.

That’s Dick Cheney. And I rest my case.


Blue Ibis said...

It seems to me Hillary has one major problem. She's a woman! I hope she wins :)

Di Mackey said...

Ahhh I'm staying a Barack woman ;)