Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sparkletopia and Muse to Muse, 2 blogs found

Creativity means letting go of trying to be "perfect" means being willing to be wild, silly and downright outrageous.
Christine Mason Miller

Two beautiful new blogs found.

I borrowed the quote from Christine Mason Miller's sparkletopia and over there, she reminded me of a blog I used to follow and lost somewhere along the way.

Muse to Muse is an online journal between two best friends seperated by the Altantic Ocean. They're just back from time in Italy and I loved the extract I found in Frida's post:

I’ve left Italy but Italy has not left me. It lingers on behind my eyelids and in crevices of memory. T’ai Chi meditation walk every morning on a lawn fragrant with wild oregano. A full moon in Strove near Montereggione, hanging in the night sky like a celestial apricot. The church in San Gimignano where I lit a candle for the dead.

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frida said...

just saw your post about Muse to Muse...thank you! Georgia and I are on hiatus...she is bringing up baby with another on the way. Her hands are full right now to say the least. I have a solo blog now ( but hope we'll pick up Muse again in the future.