Sunday, January 13, 2008

On Being a Good and Loving Wife ...

I have taken Gert out to my favourite cafe here in the city of Antwerpen ... Via Via on Wolstraat.

I bought him a newspaper and let him buy me a small carafe of wine. I have my laptop and he's devouring his newspaper in a new kind of 'peace', one that involves hanging out in a room full of strangers while good music plays.

We're together apart, him with his tea and me with my red wine.

A good Sunday to you too.


V-Grrrl said...

I love to hang out at coffee shops--together but apart with all the other patrons. I liked apartment living for the same reason. I was alone but not alone--the soft hum of lives beyond the walls was comforting.

I never "bonded" with a cafe here, but I look forward to going back to my old haunt in the U.S.

Di Mackey said...

Let's slip away to Via Via Cafe when you're over next week. Lol, bring your laptop, we'll blog from there ... maybe Peter will join us.

Claudia said...

Ahhhh - I am jealous. We don't have places like that here. I think the three of you SHOULD get together there next week and blog together, it would be interesting to see the different perspectives of the same time and place!!! (Wish I could come!!!)

Di Mackey said...

Hey Claudia. I've only just found this cafe and I've been here a while. Let's see who is up to a city visit the morning after 'the party' ;)

Peter said...

I will be my pleasure to join you at via-via (just call or text me).

Obviously, I may be busy, having a facial or a complete makeover at my local beauty clinic, but much of the time I'm available ;-)

V-Grrrl said...


Night Repair can only do so much.

Pass the concealer, luv.

Di Mackey said...

Lol, you know you're always first on our list of people to call, Peter :)

And Via Via is the kind of place where one can wile away the hours while waiting for that appointment of yours to be over ;)

Concealer ... ahhh I have just the photoshop tool for you lol.