Friday, October 31, 2008

The weather changed here in Genova ...

Gert flew in yesterday afternoon, via Milano and a train so I had some time in the morning and caught a bus back out to Boccadasse because ... huge winds were blowing and the sea was storming the beautiful little fishing village first seen on a stunningly sunny and calm autumn day.

Once again I took over 100 photographs however this time I was covered in sea spray and so battered by the winds that I came home exhausted and chilled. The camera fared far better, as I cleaned it continuously with a special damp cloth and kept it under my coat.

I wasn't the only one taking photographs out there and when I'm back in Belgium, you'll probably see more of this superbly wild day on the coast of Genova.


RD said...

Wow! I may have to rethink living in that house with you.

Peter said...

I had to think about you Di, especially when I stumbled upon this Boccadasse picture in the Chicago Tribune:,0,723918.photogallery?index=sfl-italybadweather20081030141814

Belgium is focusing on All Saints day, with less dramatic weather.

Giovanni said...

You guys keep doing things "via Milano", which has me vaguely miffed.
Are you ever going to stop there? :-)

It's well worth a day trip, or a two-day trip if you're into museums, and so long as you know where to go. I'd be glad to provide an itinerary free of charge (anything to help the local economy). But mostly I'd love to see some of the pictures you'd take there.

Di Mackey said...

I'm sorry Giovanni ... :)

I intended to visit with Alex in Milano but ran out of time because there is so much here in Genova however I will be returning as soon as possible and I promise to spend some time exploring Milano and would very much enjoy following your itinerary.

Do you think there's an article there to be written and photographed? Stay in touch.

Giovanni said...

Do you think there's an article there to be written and photographed?

Er... why, yes.

(It's the middle bit of a three parter that started here and finished here. The pictures were taken by my seven year old son, so all correspondence should be addressed to him...)

I swear this hadn't started as a jorney towards self-promotion, you twisted my arm there!

But yes, as you can deduce from that post I do think it's a most interesting place to visit, not as obviously charming as other Italian cities but with lots of... what do you say when you don't like the look of something? Character, that's it. And it always makes me wish I was able to take better pictures.

Manictastic said...

Lovely shots. I always like rough seas :D Though the people living there better keep their windows shut :D

Di Mackey said...

Grazie, Giovanni. As soon as life settles down from the hyperactivity of the return to Belgie, I will visit with your series on Milano.

I did twist your arm and had to smile over your confession.

I drove through Milano tonight in the rain and low cloud, from the train station to the airport. I'm definitely in need of an itinerary that is drastically different to that particular trip. Knowing I was leaving Italy didn't make it the happiest journey either.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks, Manic. I was all salty and sea-sprayed after that photo session ... quite possibly, normal folk don't go down the sea in wild weather like that ;)