Sunday, November 02, 2008

Camogli - after the worst storm in 8 years

November in Camogli, Italy, originally uploaded by - di.

We wandered out, via an 3.80euro return train fare, to Camogli - about half an hour from the city.

Everything here is just so very beautiful, although Boccadasse remains my favourite section of coastline here, this was unbearably stunning too.

Off to take photographs on my last full day in Genova.

Ciao from this kiwi in love with Genova!

Oh and yes, those were people swimming, it was that warm.


Kay said...

You are so lucky lucky lucky! I saw the god rays photo on your Photo Blog too - wow!

Di Mackey said...

It felt lucky ... then I fell over in the rain today, spectacularly, as I was leaving Genova.

Sigh ... but anyway, god rays and beaches in the Mediterranean, it was truly superb, writes the kiwi back home in the fog and cold of Belgie tonight.

Simon said...

Glad you liked Camogli. Personally I prefer it to Boccadasse.

Di Mackey said...

Camogli is stunning, Simon but it was full of people on the day we went and for me, my favourite beaches in any country, have been the ones that offer me something like time-out with nature. At the look-out up above Boccadasse, I found that with the breeze and the view and quite often, I was the only one there. And it was so easy to just walk down to bus 42 and reach Boccadasse :)