Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Blogging Life ...

I just finished talking on the phone with Alex, someone who felt like an old friend after more than a few months spent checking in over at his blog titled: Blog from Italy, a truly interesting read if you're curious about an expat life here in Italy.

My blogging location is interesting ... I have an English-speaking tour guide doing her thing over to my right and workmen setting up for a big science expo here in Palazzo Ducale. I discovered a free wifi hotspot at Mentelocale Cafe & Restaurant inside the palazzo but I'm not sure how I feel about being in such a grand public space ... kind of small actually, in this huge reception area with arched ceilings and marble pillars.

Today needs to be about organising and creating a life here. I have photographs to work on and food to buy for the cupboards. You see, I have been perched like the worst kind of cliche bachelor here in this new world, so busy taking everything in that I completely forgot about life inside, beyond the kitchen/work table and the bed ... the bed that is covered in books, notebooks, with a space for the laptop and a huge box of tissues, cough lollies, the sparkling water and my mp3 player.

If, even last year, anyone had predicted that I would spend this birthday alone in Genova, wandering the city and working on interviews, I would have known that they were insane ... which just goes to show, you can never predict how your life will turn out unless of course, you're incredibly self-disciplined and very grown-up about career choices ... and perhaps not even then.

Ciao from one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

I took today's photograph yesterday, from a coastal path in a place called Nervi. I almost cried when I saw the sea again ... it's been far too long.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Did you say it is your birthday? Happy Birthday then!

paola said...

Happy Birthday!!
Glad you finally found a sign of 21st century around you!

paris parfait said...

Happy birthday, dear Di. Being alone on one's birthday can be a good thing - particularly in Italy! Anyway, you're not really alone, with your family's and friends' good wishes sent your way. Enjoy your day! xoxox

Simon said...

Birthday? Today? I'd forgotten. Buon compleanno!
As regards the sea, I seem to recall that Belgium has a short coastline, no?

Alex said...

Hi Di,

Great to speak to you! Nervi is a nice spot, and you should try to head for the Cinque Terre while you are here - easy to get to by train from Genova too.

Plenty of images there!



furiousBall said...

gorgeous shot and happy birthday lady!

Peter said...

Have a great birthday Di: sometimes being surrounded by pure beauty (and the job you love dearly) can make up for missing the ones who will be joining you soon.

Peter, still stuck in Belgium ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Well thank you Gary :)

Lol, Paola, I love Genova just the way it is, I only wish for a little more internet access.

Thank you Tara, and you're right, it's been quite the special day and Paola's mum is coming into the city to have dinner with me :)

Thanks Simon and yes, Belgium has 60kms of coastline but tell me that sea is like the sea that you see from Nervi ... mmmmm, that's what I mean. It's was like home and then some.

I'm aiming for a couple places along the coast, Alex. Boats and trains ... let's see how that adventure goes :)

Thanks Van and it's been a happy day so far.

Indeed Peter, I even managed to spend some time bemused and quite lost in the tiny alleyways in the old city ... it's been memorable in so many ways.