Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A birthday dinner in Genova

A taste for now, simply because I came here to look for an email about photography and tomorrow ... but imagine meeting a truly lovely woman for dinner, enjoying Italian pizza with red wine at that little place across from where you live, then finding yourself being whisked away on a bus to a beach you've been reading about forever.

That was my birthday evening ... the pizza and wine, the bus ride to Boccadasse, a walk around the waters edge with the sea making all those delicous sounds I've been missing, the most fabulous cherry gelato and good conversations.

As birthdays go ... it was one of the best, and Raf, tomorrow. I'll get to that itinery tomorrow. I promise ;)


paola said...

Is that why my ears were buzzing?
Glad you two had a good time

furiousBall said...

Have a good time!

Mlle said...

happy birthday miss! It sounds like your day was really what all birthdays should be- kind of magical :)


RD said...

Happy birthday, Di! What a great place to celebrate.

christina said...

Happy Birthday, my dear!

Lydia said...

I'm sending my heartiest wishes for a Happy Birthday (just a few hours late!). Sounds like you had a magnificent time.

Di Mackey said...

:) I don't think they buzz if those talking of you only say good things, Paola.

Oh I did, Van, thank you.

It was, Shanty. It started off kind of slow and improved at speed as the day went on.

Thanks RD, it was ... it made the numbers more amusing than seriously depressing ;)

Thank you Christina, thank you so much.

Thanks Lydia, late doesn't matter ... it was nice to find your comment here.

Peter said...

Happy birthday Di !!

Virtually forgot it, running around Antwerp in what has been a tumultuous week.

Hans keeps looking at your work, sighing while uttering lines like "oh my, what a place to have a birthday" :-)

Warm hugs from a wet Antwerp from the both of us.

Di Mackey said...

Bedankt Peter and Hans, and fear not, it might be warm here but it's also raining. It's confusing actually, as it stays warm and yet everyone has coats and scarves on ...