Monday, October 20, 2008

Something about Genova

Today, I tried to be like the locals ...

I wore my light coat, I started out with a scarf on and generally tried to wrap up well against the cold ... the skies were grey and everyone else was warmly-dressed after all. A ski-jacket was even spotted at one stage.

But I was sweating most of the day. I removed the scarf early on but feared removing my coat as I have been fighting a headache for a few days and I have a sore throat ... and then after sweating, I knew I would only get sicker if I let myself become chilled.

I had no idea of the temperature but tonight, popping in at the internet cafe, I just noted it's still 17 celsius and that is really quite quite warm to this kiwi chick and, even worse, I imagine it was warmer throughout the day.

It seems like perhaps I just learned a lesson about wrapping up like the locals when I'm not local and perhaps I was simply sweating from too many clothes and not from fever, she writes hopefully.

Another good day in the city now to find food for the evening.


V-Grrrl said...

Darling, you are simply a passionate woman. You don't need a coat. Send all your red hot vibes out into the world. Genova will never be the same. : P

Di Mackey said...

Uh huh, Ms V. I'm quite the quiet woman in this new world. Genova has stood much worse than me but it is surviving my English and I'm grateful.

Alex said...

Di - you should find the temperature very mild in Genova.

As you find, those from cooler climes tend to sweat if they copy the Italian style of dress!

I remember one Christmas day along the sea by Nervi and it was 25°C.

Dress how you like! But keep it neat so you don't stick out too much!

All the best,


Di Mackey said...

I do, Alex. It's mild and humid. So I have this lovely Italian black jacket/coat and it covers the worst of my fashion crimes (or creates that illusion for me...) but it's too warm. 19-20 celsius is making me glow constantly ...