Sunday, October 12, 2008

My HP Pavilion laptop and Me ...

My laptop is working ... intermittently.

Sadly, a successful start-up seems more related to how I'm holding my tongue and which way the wind's blowing as opposed to that previously unappreciated simple action of pressing the on button.

It's an HP Pavilion dv2000 series.
Some of the HP Pavilion 2000 series have been recalled under an extended warranty for a problem that sounds remarkably like mine ... the black screen on start-up, the issues with wifi but you have to call and they let you know if you get free repairs. Wish me luck.

Note I: Gert didn't find that information until after he'd spent 3 days working on it. He shall forthwith be known as Saint Gert of the Laptop.

So, the next big question is answered tomorrow I'm hoping - will HP in Belgie repair it and will they get it back to me before I fly out.

If there's any risk of having no laptop in Italy, I have to go out and buy a replacement because Italy is all about the launch of a new website under construction.

It stuns me that for the first time in a long time I could actually do that ... if I really had to, replace my laptop that is.

A teensy weensy gratefully received inheritance has allowed me to replace my favourite failing lens and upgrade Gert and Jessie's computer-innards. I'm even planning on finally splashing out on my first professional haircut since leaving Turkey more than 3 years ago.

But seriously, the plan is to go to Italy and work - space in a place where I can live on wine and toast and think when thinking is needed.
Hmmm paper plates maybe.
No dishes, a heady heady thought.

I hope to collect interviews and take a few thousand photographs while I'm in the beautiful city ... let's see how it goes.

Note II: I wouldn't really live on wine and toast. Seriously. ;)

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